Noreen Seabrook’s work with mills in Nepal stems back to the early 90s, which revealed many struggles that the people of Nepal have to endure on a daily basis, impacting both childhood and adulthood. The lack of education in Nepal is an issue that impacts our weavers’ own children. Noreen Seabrook, along with support from our accounts have been able to provide funds to develop three schools for our weavers’ children that are staffed with certified teachers and aids that are able to teach English, Math, and Nepali for children up to the age of five. The donations that are accumulated go directly towards the care of children regardless of their age.

The Himalayan region, especially Nepal, the issue of unnecessary blindness is highly prevalent, with cataracts representing 70% of unnecessary blindness. When cataracts fail to get treated, the result may be partial sightedness or complete blindness. If the person happens to be residing in an impoverished area, the lack of treatment means that the person and their family members become handicapped in their efforts to participate in daily life.

To prevent this from occurring, Noreen Seabrook works with monasteries to help those suffering from cataracts through surgical procedures. Phacoemulsification (Phaco) Cataract Surgery is performed along with an Intraocular Lens (IOL) implantation, considered to be the most modern method in helping a patient restore their vision. The desire to improve the welfare of the Nepali people is why doctors hold the cost of the surgery to $50 per eye, a monetarily low cost, yet invaluable to patients.

To further aid the people of Nepal, Noreen Seabrook seeks partnerships with projects based in Nepal to provide direct assistance. Hot Meals is a COVID Relief Project that was put together by the Potala Girls Club for Humanity to help countless displaced daily-wage workers, beggars, and street children residing in Kathmandu, Nepal by running food drives to feed the people in the community. All members of the project are working professionals and students from the Potala Carpets Community, devoting their limited free time to aid those worst impacted by poor decisions from the government.

The work to improve the quality of life in Nepal goes beyond its people but reaches out to animal life as well. Since 2013, NS has been working to provide treatment for sick animals, especially street dogs, aged cows, and abandoned calves. With no proper treatment, these animals will continue to suffer, making it essential to provide the necessary treatment to ensure the care of animals.