Noreen Seabrook x Jasmine Daniels Tibetan Tiger Rug
Noreen Seabrook x Jasmine Daniels Tibetan Tiger Rug
Noreen Seabrook

Noreen Seabrook x Jasmine Daniels Tibetan Tiger Rug

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It started when Jasmine Daniels came into the studio to talk about rugs.
A lot of people come in to talk rugs, and a lot of people talk about rugs and then leave.

But after the presentation was over, Jasmine sat down, looked at me, and said “Okay, let’s make some rugs.” Jasmine had a few design ideas, nothing she really loved, but she had her colors locked down.
After a while, she asked me what my favorite designs were, and without hesitation I went to a book I grew up looking at every time I went to Nepal... the tiger rugs of Tibet.

It was a total collaboration, we chose a traditional Tibetan tiger rug, recolored it in Jasmine’s color combinations, and then decided to cut the design to shape.
We kept the size true to the original design and made two different color combos.

I’ve seen a lot of “hype” lately on tiger rugs, often times people taking credit for designing them when in fact the designs date back to the early 19th century.
These Tibetan Tigers are woven in partnership with the same Tibetan family my father started working with 25 years ago... and simply put, it gets no realer than this.

These are pieces of art, not mass manufactured run of the mill.

  • Handwoven in Nepal
  • 100% Tibetan and New Zealand wool
  • 3'3"  x  5'8"
  • 100 knot quality


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