Noreen Seabrook

Tibetan Tiger #65




‘Tiger Rugs are an enigma. A decade ago absolutely nothing was known, and today all is conjecture founded on a random collection of facts. For millennia the borders of Tibet proved inaccessible to outsiders, initially due to the harsh geography of the plateau's situation, and later to the will of its rulers. Clearly Tibetan tiger rugs are very rare. Probably less than 200 old an authentic pieces have survived. ‘
-Mimi Lipton, Tiger Rugs of Tibet

All 100% Tibetan Wool, hand knotted by our Tibetan partner Tenzin, who’s father was the Dalai Lama's personal bodyguard when His Holiness fled from Tibet due to the Chinese invasion in the 1950s. 

Tiger rugs have so many different meanings and hold powerful symbolism. One function of the tiger rug is to act as guardian and protect its owner from outside influence.

  • Hand knotted in Nepal
  • 2'5'' x 5'5''
  • 100%  Tibetan Wool
  • 4mm pile height / Pencil Carve / Soap & Water Wash
  • Tibetan 100 knot quality

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