Who We Are

Since 1995, Noreen Seabrook has been a name that is synonymous with curiosity and creativity. The emphasis on the values has been translated by becoming a pioneer in the medium of carpet and rug-making, highlighting the intricate yet beautiful skills of Tibetan custom weaving. The brand of Noreen Seabrook is representative of artistic history and assurance, carefully focusing on the production process ranging from the time of inception through to the day of delivery. 

While retaining the traditions that has made Noreen Seabrook so successful for the last 27 years, it continues to bend the rules, seeking out new ideas by embracing the spirit of creative freedom and exploration as well as by working with highly regarded artists, brands, and other contemporary creatives to unlock each others' artistic potentials.

The craft that Noreen Seabrook practices can be tied to both excellence and resilience. The pieces made are set to withstand the test of time in order to be of the highest quality no matter where it may be located. To achieve this level of Tibetan Weaving, Noreen Seabrook has been working exclusively with Nepal's premier weaving house for over 20 years, simultaneously developing a professional and familial relationship. Such an exclusive partnership means everything is done in-house in order to protect the client, Noreen Seabrook, and the art community as a whole. This, combined with 40 years of experience in Tibetan Weaving has made Noreen Seabrook a highly regarded resource in the industry.